ESTOL-C40B5-S is a cationic bitumen emulsion with bonding agents and solvents. It complies with TL BE StB07.
ESTOL-C40B5-S is a water-thin, brown liquid that contains highly effective active substances.
ESTOL-C40B5-S can be processed from drums without pre-heating using standard spraying machines or using paving spray machines or a service tank with spray bar for larger areas.
ESTOL-C40B5-S WINTERWARE is frost-tolerant and is produced from October until March.

ESTOL-C40B5-S is used to bond asphalt layers to bituminous layers and as a bonding bridge between bituminous base layers and intermediate layers.

-30 kg container
-190 kg drum
-Service tank with spraying bar and/or hand lance
-Paving spray machines