Neben der Eigenaufbringung durch den Kunden mittels einer „Spritzmaus“ oder unserem Servicetank, bieten wir auch maschinell mittels unseres Rampenspritzgerätes an.

ESTOL C60B4-N is an unstable, cationic bitumen emulsion with a bonding agent content of 60 %. It complies with TL BE StB07.
ESTOL C60B4-N can be processed without heating from drums using standard spraying machines or from the paving spray machine or a service tank with a spray bar for larger areas (when processing by machine the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer must be observed).
C60B1-N breaks spontaneously when it comes in contact with stone. After the bonding agent has successful set it can no longer be removed from stone using water.
It sets to wet as well as dry stone extremely fast. It is considered cold workable due to its low viscosity.
– Paving spray machine