ESTOL C69BP3-OB-1 / C69BP3-REP / C60BP4-REP are used as a surface treatment or for repair work in road construction and can be processed by hand or using a machine.
Work should be ceased in the event of rain or if the surface is wet. The surface must be cleaned before work begins. The surrounding and ground temperature should be at least 8 °C. There can be no frost during the first night after installation. Installation period: Mid April – mid September.
ESTOL C69BP3-OB-1 / C69BP3-REP / C60BP4-REP must be stirred thoroughly before each use. The material can no longer be used if the emulsion is not homogeneous (for instance, it exhibits bitumen clumps or threads).
The conditions foreseen by the manufacturer must be observed when processing ESTOL C69BP3-OB-1 / C69BP3-REP / C60BP4-REP by machine. The device being used must be suitable for processing bitumen emulsions as per TL BE-StB 07. The pre-heating process must be performed slowly and carefully.
A temperature of 75 °C absolutely cannot be exceeded as this may cause the product to separate or decompose. The material becomes unusable thereby. ESTOL C69BP3-OB-1 / C69BP3-REP / C60BP4-REP is distributed on the surface, e.g. by spraying using suitable devices. Solidification takes place after premium chippings with a suitable grain size have been scattered and rolled using a rubber-tyre roller.
Store in a cool, dry place at least 10° C or higher; do not store outside. Maximum storage period is six months. We recommend using the material as promptly as possible after delivery. Use up partially empty containers as quickly as possible. Transfer the content of damaged containers into other tightly sealing packaging and use up as quickly as possible.