This emulsion can be applied by clients themselves using a spraying unit or with our service tank, however we also provide machine application with our paving spray machines.
ESTOL-C60BP4-S is used as a bonding bridge in layer adhesion when installing hot mix in road construction and is processed by hand or by machine.
ESTOL C60BP4-S is a polymer bitumen emulsion in compliance with TL BE-StB 07.
ESTOL C60BP4-S must be stirred thoroughly before each use. The material can no longer be used if the emulsion is no longer homogeneous (for example, there are bitumen clumps or strands).
The conditions foreseen by the manufacturer must be observed when processing ESTOL- C60BP4-S by machine. The device being used must be suitable for processing bitumen emulsion C60BP1-S as per TL BE-StB 07.
The pre-heating process must be done slowly and carefully. A temperature of 70 °C absolutely cannot be exceeded as this could cause the product to separate or decompose. The material becomes unusable thereby.
ESTOL-C60BP4-S is distributed on the surface, e.g. by spraying using suitable devices. After drying, which is identifiable by the change in colour from brown to black, the surface can be paved over with hot mix.
-30 kg container
-190 kg drum
-Service tank with spraying bar and/or hand lance
-Paving spray machines